Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chateau de Versailles - video tour

I thought it would be interesting to post some videos of tourist attractions  in and around the city of Paris. It might help you to decide where you want to go on your next visit. 
If your time is limited this can also help to narrow down your choices. 
There are so many places to see!
Today let's take a tour out to the to the suburbs of Paris and visit the 
Chateau de Versailles
I didn't make it out there on my last visit but it is definitely on my list!


Tobi-Velicia said...

Thank you for posting this video! I'm going back to Paris in September 2012 and Versailles is actually on my must-visit list since I didn't go there during my last trip to Paris in September 2008.

Urbandoggs said...

Thanks for writing Have a wonderful trip. I'm jealous! Versailles is spectacular!


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