Monday, January 23, 2012

Paris gets Huffington Post "France" edition

I read in this morning's Huffington Post that there will now be a France edition. That makes me very happy because in all my searching through French magazines and news blogs, I have not come across anything like Huffpo. So, I hope it works out. And...if it does, I will have another source for stories to post here (smiling).

Anyway, here's how it was announced

Bienvenue sur Le Huffington Post!

Bonjour! Le Huffington Post, an international collaboration bringing together Le Monde, Les Nouvelles Éditions Indépendantes, and the Huffington Post Media Group's signature mix of news, blogging, community, and social engagement, arrives today. Our mission: taking the sort of discussions traditionally heard at water coolers and around dinner tables and helping to bring them online.

The launch comes at a time when France -- like America and much of the rest of the world -- is facing more than an economic crisis. It is a country where the disconnect between those who govern and those they are elected to serve grows daily; where people's trust in institutions is eroding; and where many are looking to each other and their communities -- offline and online -- for the creativity, ingenuity, and empathy that will lead to real solutions.

Source: Huffington Post

bonne chance Huffpo!!



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