Wednesday, April 18, 2012

bonjour paris 2013 - planning a girls trip to the city of light

I missed my trip to Paris this year. Instead I went to Guinea Bissau W Africa (as a matter of fact as we speak Guinea Bissau is experiencing a military uprising, a coup d'etat if you will).

Building a school and helping to change lives in the tiny remote village of Djati was a life changing experience but that was a working vacation and now I need a vacation of a different kind.  I need to eat, and shop, sightsee and drink wine.

So, I'm putting together "A GIRLS only" trip to Paris next year.

It takes me about a year to plan a trip so I'm getting started now.

I'll be using a multitude of resources in my planning which I will post about on the blog  (feel free to use them in your own planning)

1. Research  - I signed up @ Girls Guide to Paris to help me.
Here's a little video  from their site. I'll tell you more about the site later.



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