Thursday, April 19, 2012

bonjour paris 2013 - looking for an apartment

I'm super excited about planning this trip to Paris next year!! I really love event planning and I gave myself a whole entire year to get the job done. (Oh and get ready for lots of Paris pictures from my previous trips)

I think it will be really fun to go with a group of women and stay in an apartment in my favorite district (the 6th arr). Hopefully I can find a suitable apt there big enough for all of us.

The main problem with renting an apt in Paris is that apts in Paris are small by our standards (I think even smaller than NY).  I think the majority of them have been totally remodeled but the small footprint remains the same.

I have contacted 3 agencies that were listed on the website Girls Guide to Paris.

The 1st agency was through the previous rental agency, Haven in Paris. I was totally satisfied with the apt I rented through them last year, but this time I need a bigger space (and wanting to be only in the 6th arr) has limited the selection somewhat.

Last time we had the cutest apt thru Haven in Paris. I like them a lot for several reasons. One is because they are headquartered in the US (I think the Boston area). So they speak english and you can call them in US time zones.

Secondly the places are immaculate and very nicely done. I didn't feel like I was duped once I saw the actual apt. They also have a greeter who meets you at the apt. They leave you a big notebook with lots of information on anything you could think of. Walking tours, restaurants,, museums, even physicians (which we had to make use of last trip).

Anyway I have looked through the list also had a conversation with them via the phone (they are very helpful if you want to call and ask them questions)

Check out the site and see what you think
Haven in Paris



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