Monday, September 12, 2011

what makes french men irresistible - part un

Ils sont fous est Americains! 
(How Crazy are these Americans!)
As I was deciding what topic to talk about today it came to me that we have not discussed French men or the attitudes of each culture toward the other.  

*As a disclaimer I want to say that this information is in no way based on documented fact but is information I gathered from the many blogs I have read regarding the subject.

As I read response after response on the subject of cultural differences
I found that there are many preconceived ideas that each country has about the other, however before we talk about the culture of France, let's talk about 
French Men as seen by the American woman
Victor Perez, French Actor
What Makes French Men Irresistible: 
They are: Romantic, Attentive, Good Fashion Sense, Passionate about everything, Great Conversationalist, Charming, Lovable, Highly Developed Sense of Smell, More Intuitive and Implicit in their Actions, Loving and Sensitive, Great Cooks. and Much More Expressive (Emotionally) 
most French Men Do Not Drink Beer, or Watch Football. they do not
fart in the Presence of a Woman (sorry it came up more than once). They are Helpful around the House   
And make Great Lovers
I love it, but there are also big differences in attitudes between American Women and French Women on the subject of "love and sex".

I've been reading the book "What French Women Know" by Debra Ollivier
I found the book to be very interesting. I think the information is valuable for  women to know and to think about, even if you never go to France. Here is a video of the author speaking about the subject of "love and sex" from the French woman's perspective. This video is long so you might want to watch it when you have some time. 
French men, hmmmmm  ~to be continued~

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