Tuesday, September 13, 2011

french men american women - part deux

But, is he Single?
Even though American women seem to admire the attributes of French men the relationships with them are often unsuccessful.
In all of the positive traits I read about, how attractive French men are physically, was not mentioned once.  In addition French men generally do not like to exercise or work out at the gym as American men do. Most American women find Italian men much more pleasing to the eye. 
Flirting is a favorite pastime for French men and is one sport they truly love!  And...their flirting has no boundaries. Unlike American men, French men are not shy about making eye contact with women. They don't bother to try to hide their gaze. They will look directly at a woman and appear to be truly enraptured with her every word, even if she is reading a grocery list and even if she is not his wife.  As a matter of fact, one of the biggest obstacles you will face when dating a French man is, whether or not he is single.

The fact that dating outside of marriage is accepted is mostly due to tradition, and the fact that France is a Catholic country and it was difficult to divorce; but also because property was combined and it was important to keep it that way. So, the French had a way of working it all out.  The men were free to "indulge" on the side but believed deeply in the importance of "family first and foremost".  Also in France it is not a public embarrassment to have a mistress on the side, as demonstrated by some of the great leaders. They just don't look at infidelity like we do here in the US. 

Other roadblocks to dating French men include communication and acceptance by family (namely his). Although language is a huge barrier for most Americans an even bigger hurdle might be his beloved "MaMa".  There is a saying in France
"The worst thing that can happen to a French man
 is a french salary
 and an American wife"
So, keeping in mind that you can't paint all French men with the same brush, but if you are thinking of dating a French man, be careful and remember "it's a jungle out there" Oui, Oui
reprint from I'm Just Sayin


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