Friday, August 5, 2011

planning a trip? how to get more bang for your buck!

When you plan that next vacation you may want to know just how the cost to visit your chosen destination stacks up against other cities.

TripAdvisor has just released it's first price comparison list, called the Tripindex. The index  gives a cost comparison of how costly (or not) the top 50 tourist cities from around the world are (against the US dollar).

Since value against the dollar is a major consideration for American travelers planning to travel abroad the index will be very helpful as it will provide a means of setting realistic budget expectations and also reveals some outstanding destination deals.
New York is the most expensive domestic destination and (SURPRISE) Paris was found to be the costliest city in the world for Americans.
To see the lists check out the TripIndex
The lists are based on the combined cost of one night’s stay in a four-star hotel, a core food item (a pizza), an alcoholic drink and a taxi journey in each destination.



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