Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lagarde, IMF chief, under investigation

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PARIS -- A French court on Thursday ordered an investigation into new IMF chief Christine Lagarde's role in a much-criticized $400 million arbitration deal in favor of a controversial tycoon.

This scandal has been all over the French press for months but never seemed to be “news worthy” during her nomination.

It appears that all the heads of state were aware of these charges which began 2 years ago and delay after delay finally came to court the day before she was to leave for Washington. She has already been CONDEMNED by the French Administra­tive Court in June.

Is there anyone "qualified for the top position at the IMF who isn't corrupt to the core? I'm starting to believe that ethical behavior is exclusive to the ability to participat­e at the very top levels of wealth in the world.

And…..why appoint someone who's actions as Finance Minister involving $400 million was likely to be investigated? Why is the US supporting her appointment?



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