Wednesday, June 1, 2011

top 10 countries with best work life balance

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation (OCED) recently released the BETTER LIFE INITIATIVE. It examines different aspects of our lives across 34 countries to determine the general well-being of whole countries. The results include housing, income, education, environment as well as the work-life balance of each country.

The Better Life Index for work-life balance is compiled using 3 indicators:

-the amount of time spent on personal activities
-the employment rate of women with children between 6-14 yrs
-the number of employees working over 50 hrs/wk

Here are the top ten countries (in reverse order) based on perfect score of 10
#10   France 7.1
# 9   Portugal 7.7
# 8   Germany 8.0
# 7   Sweden 8.1
 #6   Switzerland 8.1
 #5    Belgium 8.4
#4    Finland 8.4
     #3 Netherlands 8.7
 #2    Norway 8.8
    #1 Denmark 9.1

Among the top 10 countries, the average person works 1,739 hours or 217 work days and spends about 64% of their day on leisure or personal activities.
what's important to you?

To create your own Better Life Index or compare well-being across countries 



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