Monday, June 27, 2011

paris air show 2011 - meet the new boeing 787

The world's largest industry air show.
The 49th International Paris Air Show returned to Le Bourget, Paris June 20-26.
It's really great to see this new plane!  On our April trip to Paris (Air France), we flew on a B747-400, which is not a very comfortable plane for such a long flight (even though it has an upper deck with seats that offer additional leg room, for a fee)
So I was super excitedI about flying over on one of these, but wait....Now I hear that Air France has put the addition of 100, B787's (to replace its aging fleet) on hold, in favor of the A340-300. What? I don't have any video of that aircraft but I don't think it's a new plane and I know it can't possibly look as sleek as the B787! Anyway word has it that the B787 will not be available until 2017. That's after my 5 year planned departure date anyway.
Check it out
This video provides a look inside the new B787 aircraft



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