Monday, June 27, 2011

bringing your pets to paris

Passports for pets
You may bring up to 3 dogs or cats - but only one puppy or kitten from 3-6 months old - into France. Larger animals, such as horses, are subject to special regulations. There may be no quarantine but the required documents are:

1)Rabies vaccination certificate (dating between one month and one year)

2)Medical certificate (in English and French) of good health, from a nationally licensed veterinarian of your home country, dated no more than five days before entry to France.

Regulations vary from country to country and are subject to change. For exact details on regulations for bringing pets you should contact your French Embassy.

Dogs in the City
The signs stating ‘J’aime mon quartier, je remasse’ are more than a suggestion that you should clear up after your dog. If you get caught not doing your duty, you can be fined about 150 euros. Some arrondissments provide plastic bags.

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based on information from Lost in France



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