Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The fascinating life of Parisian photographer Vivian Maier

I love photography although I'm still not that good at it.  I especially love candid street photos.  Those photographs which capture ordinary people or objects in ordinary situations. 

Today I cam across the story of a woman who worked as a nanny in NYC. She had been taking street photos for years and no one knew about them until a young man purchased 10,000 undeveloped negatives at a local auction for $380. Little did he know of the phenomenal find he had discovered. 

photo source
Vivian Maier was an American of French and Austro-Hungarian extraction, Vivian bounced between Europe and the United States before coming back to New York City in 1951. Having picked up photography just two years earlier, she would comb the streets of the Big Apple refining her artistic craft.

Sometime in 1949, while still in France, Vivian began toying with her first photos. Her camera was a modest Kodak Brownie box camera, an amateur camera with only one shutter speed, no focus control, and no aperture dial.
Read more about the fascinating life of Vivian Maier

And of course there is a movie!  Check out the trailer below



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