Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Do I really want to live in Paris?

My dream is to live in Paris! I hear so many wonderful things about the city and when I am there, wow....I'm in heaven. But, when I'm there I am a visitor, a tourist, living in a fabulous rented apartment in Saint Germain for 10 days. Shopping in all the trendy boutiques, eating at the finest restaurants, sightseeing and staying out late and sleeping in. I don't speak the language that well, but good enough to get by for 10 days.

But, what do people who live in Paris really think about life in Paris?

I happened to be over on a blog I follow, called Imported Chocolate. Jennifer, the owner/blogger, travels quite a bit and I have communicated with her on a number of occasions about living in Buenos Aires. She provides really honest and informative feedback and the one BIG plus for me about talking to Jennifer, is, that she is also a black woman. Unfortunately, we do not yet live in a color blind society so if you are TWB (traveling while black) its good to understand the 411 in the places that you visit.

Anyway Jennifer recently posted 2 excellent interviews.I found them both très intéressant
"I decided to do something different this time around. I am doing Hot Chocolate with a Local from two different point of views this month. Today, it’s Paris from the point of view of a black woman, born and raised in Paris. Tomorrow, it will be Paris from an African-American woman’s perspective. I hope you enjoy!"
Read the 1st interview here



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