Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Guide to finding the perfect wine in Paris

Drinking wine is a BIG part of being in Paris. But, I have to admit, I am completely lost when it comes to the wine list.  Last time we were in Paris we rented and apartment and shopped for our food and wine in the neighborhood. When we got to the alcohol section, we were completely lost. There was shelf after shelf of wines we had never heard of and had NO idea what they tasted like or which one to choose.
We ended up just picking a few bottles (which turned out to be pretty good). Not sure you can go too very wrong with French wine, however here are some tips if you don't want to leave it all up to chance.

Getting The Wine You Crave


In France, the wine list in restaurants is organized by regions not by types such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc.

Here's a list of equivalents:

If you like Chardonnay - order a Burgundy

Chardonnay is originally from France’s Burgundy region, where the best white Burgundies are powerful and rich, with complex fruit flavors and notes of earth and minerals. More affordable Chardonnays from Burgundy—for instance, those simply labeled Bourgogne Blanc—are crisp and lively, with apple and lemon flavors.
Pair Chardonnays in the leaner Burgundian style with roasted chicken or seafood; the more voluptuous New World Chardonnays pair well with pasta dishes made with cream or cheese, with lobster or other rich seafood and with Asian dishes that include coconut milk. source 

Like Cabernet, order a Bordeaux

Like Sauvignon Blanc, order Loire Valley
photos source

Cabernet Sauvignon small bunches give a strong in tannic wine with aromas of blackcurrant and green pepper. Therefore the wine is harsh when young but develops a very delicate bouquet in aging.

Typically Bordeaux vine-variety, the Cabernet Sauvignonalso grows in the Loire Valley, in Languedoc Roussillon, Provence and in the South West.

In Bordeaux region, mainly in Graves and in Médoc, where vine growers sometime calls it "Petit Cabernet", Cabernet represents over half the planted grape-varieties. In wine, Cabernet Sauvignon is traditionally associated to Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Petit Verdot. Source

Loire Valley

Like Pinot Noir, order Burgundy, Loire Valley, Champagne, Alsace. 

Big Blends, order Côtes de Rhone.

This post is brought to you thanks to my friend Julia Brown who sent me a link to her new Ezine. Check out her blog and take her tour when you're in Paris!



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