Monday, September 10, 2012

Take a Walk through Paris

Today's post is a partial reprint from my friend Julia Browne's blog. Julia is the owner of Walking the Spirit Tours in Paris.

When we visited Paris last year we signed up for one of her all day walking tours. We loved it and really learned a lot!

by Julia Browne

Taking You Outside Black Paris
How do we keep alive the vitality and relevance of Richard Wright and his time in France - outside the classroom? We follow his footsteps back to where he wrote, we meet the people he enjoyed, we walk the ground he did. Then we give back something to keep the flame alive.

Many a French masterpiece found life and nurture out somewhere in the French countryside.

Black Paris expats also drank in that country air, let it course through their creativity, and voila - many an African-American masterpiece came to life beyond Paris, too.

We trod where he lived, we breathed the air that infused his haiku. Then, we left a reminder for locals and for those of you who might go looking for Richard.

Put this on your itinerary
Ailly lies about an hour east of Paris. It's a community of 1052 souls - about the same number at Richard Wright's time. The Aillytiens, as they're called, take great effort to maintain their 'home sweet home' feel of old time French country living. But visitors are warmly welcome! There's even a soft spot for Americans. On the 24th August 1944, American troops liberated the village, as they did many others in Normandy.

A trip down Richard Wright's lane can be arranged for individual travelers and for groups. And, if you've got a novel you'd love to write in this peace and calm, or a musical score to finish, it doesn't get much more idyllic than here (and the food's great).

Click here to read the entire blog story AND learn more about the tours.  I highly recommend them!

And be sure to tell Julia I sent you!



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