Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little bit of Hawaii in Paris

If any of you follow my other blogs, you know that I began taking Hawaiian hula dancing classes this past week. That got me to wondering whether there were any Hawaiian hula dancing centers in Paris.

I located only one called called Halau Hula o Manoa (of course that doesn't mean it's the only one)

Founded in 1992, Kumu hula Kilohana Silve was a Hawaii transplant in France, bringing the heart of hula to the City of Light. One of her alaka'i explains, "In France there's a lot of Tahitian dances that can be seen, they perform, but we're the only one's to actually dance hula."

They even had a recent performance. Video us below

Choreography: Henry Pa
Old song that tells the legend of a kupua (demi-goddess) who has the magical power to transform into shark or beautiful woman. She seduces a young chef, then leaves mysteriously chief laments his lost love. Gestures mimic the movement of waves.

Dance presented by Halau Hula o Manoa during the show on 5 July 2012 Ménilmontant theater in the first arts festival in Hawaii.



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