Sunday, June 17, 2012

Were the House Hunters International shows in Paris fake?

Are you addicted to HGTV's House Hunters? If so, you may be disappointed to read the USA Today article which says that the show may not be on the up and up. Seems that all of the homes are not for sale and there is a little "hollywood staging"  going on. When a story is too dull, they are apt to add a little spice. 

Now the show has been accused of STAGING events. 
"Showcasing three homes makes it easier for our audience to 'play along' and guess which one the family will select," says HGTV programming executive Brian Balthazar.

I posted quite a few of the videos from House Hunters Internal here on my blog

Check out the story below

The show has a prospective buyer or buyers tour three properties, giving their critiques along the way on closet space, countertops and wall colors. At show's end, one home is chosen for purchase.
But how real is "reality" on the show? An account posted by one home buyer on the popular Hooked on Houses blog, causing a mini-uproar on the Web, says the show is almost completely staged.

the rest of the story here

Does this surprise you?



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