Tuesday, May 22, 2012

French people don't like black movies?

Oh, mon Dieu!

Don't go to Paris expecting to catch the latest "black" movie pick!

That's because, the blockbuster US hit movie by Steve Harvey, "Think Like A Man” has been banned in France!

Yes, you heard me right. The French think that the cast is too black!

According to a post on Facebook page “Negro News,”
“The French state has had a sociopolitical strategy which favors interracial relationships rather than valuing communities,” the post reads. “In the comedy ‘Think like a Man’, the focus is on black couples.”

Global Voices exposed the issue recently:

“Surprising as it may be, the answer lies in the fact that the film has an all-black cast. French cinema is often pointed at for not fairly displaying all components of the country’s multiethnic population. Although the recent success of the movie Les Intouchables, which earned French African actor Omar Sy the Cesar award for Best Actor in 2012, caused great pride and hope among French nationals from Africa and the Caribbean, it was not to be the turning point for a deep and lasting change.”
“Think” prominently  features 2 white actors

A similar situation occurred recently during the Miss Black France pageant.  It has been suggested that the movie did not reflect the ideology the country promotes.

In a country long revered for its "racial tolerance", French politics have been showing signs of the country moving in the opposite direction.



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