Thursday, May 3, 2012

the French Paradox - why the French don't get fat and we do! conclusion

As a trained estheticienne, I was fortunate to secure a job at the chic Day Spa of the Hotel Costes, where I performed beauty treatments on many models and movie stars.  I loved my job, because I got to speak both English and French with my clients.  I also got a very interesting mix of international clients from all over the world, so it was never boring.

I found working with the French enjoyable, mainly because they don’t get overly stressed or flustered about life.  Due to the 35 hour work week regulation, most people have a good work/life balance.  Also, stopping for meals is always a priority, so there was always someone to eat lunch with, because the French don’t like to eat alone. 

One of my favourite pastimes in Paris (apart from shopping) was sitting at café terraces and watching the passing parade.  The Parisians spend hours doing this, simply contemplating life, and I learned to love it too.  My favourite haunt is Café Flore on Boulevard St.Germain in the 6th arrondissement.  It’s a world famous spot and you’re guaranteed to witness and interesting parade of people while sipping coffee there.

Living in Paris taught me many things.  I learned to cook, dress better, eat better and generally feel more comfortable in my own skin.  Even though I live back in Australia now, I continue to live the French lifestyle back home – shopping at the market, eating by the seasons, walking everywhere and taking time out for daily pleasures.  Probably the thing I miss most is the amazing fresh out of the oven baguettes I used to eat daily from the “boulangerie”, but when I close my eyes, I can dream of eating them again someday soon.

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Thank you to Sally for sharing her experiences with us!



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