Monday, March 19, 2012

SoPi - the new trendy hot spot in paris - a must see

SoPi, have you heard of it? I must admit, I had not. SoPi is short for the South Pigalle  section of Paris. It's billed as the next Marais in the Ninth arrondissement.

So I thought I better do some research.

The first thing I discovered was that it is also a champagne

Simple and welcoming, the neighborhood has charming, unusual apartments that have attracted many real estate buyers in the past few years. According to Bonjour Paris blog: "the quarter has seen a steady increase in new residents, typically generally younger, often artistic or otherwise creative adults who frequently buy two of the typically small apartments and then renovate them into one larger space.  Prices, no surprise, are rising steadily.  What about open space for all those kids?  This is a densely populated neighborhood, but one that it turns out is full of buildings that are built around central gardens and interior greenswards, providing welcome greenery and peace."

Here's the website for visitor info if you'd like to check out the neighborhood next time you're in Paris.

and here's a video.



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