Wednesday, March 28, 2012

you can cook like a french woman

Yes, we have our own cookbooks, but we just LOVE reading about everything French!  Now I know we’re told that French Women don’t get fat, they are effortlessly chic and timeless, so much sexier and better in bed and their well behaved children don’t throw food...and now there’s a new book telling us that they even cook better than we do!

But hey, I don’t take any of it personal.  It’s all in fun! Read on mes amis!

American women seem obsessed with their French counterparts – what they eat, how thin they are, how they flirt, where they shop and how they manage to tie a silk scarf in 20 glamorous different ways. A new book called The Bonne Femme Cook Book by Wini Moranville promises to demystify the recipe part of the French mystique. You’re on your own with the scarf thing.

The author aims to bring 250 authentic (and easy to make) French recipes to the American table. Her emphasis is on techniques and speedy preparation. She says French women don’t spend all day in the kitchen and neither should you. Many of the meals in this book can be assembled in just 30 minutes. The author has spent every summer in France for the last 20 years perfecting her skills at assembling ingredients and producing authentic French meals.

Source: Flavors and More Magazine



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