Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gunman May Have Filmed Deadly Attack At Jewish School In France

Toulouse Shooting


TOULOUSE, France — Police blanketed southern France on Tuesday, searching for a gunman – possibly a racist, anti-Semitic serial killer – who shot dead four people at a Jewish school and may have filmed his attack.

The manhunt took place as friends and family tearfully mourned those slain at close range in the city of Toulouse – a rabbi, his two young sons and a young girl.

Authorities suspect the killer at the Jewish school was also behind two recent attacks in the same area on French paratroopers that left three dead and one seriously wounded. The soldiers were of North African and French Caribbean backgrounds.

A "monster" is on the loose in France, French President Nicolas Sarkozy declared, vowing to track him down.

"There are beings who have no respect for life. When you grab a little girl to put a bullet in her head, without leaving her any chance, you are a monster. An anti-Semitic monster, but first of all a monster," he said.

Source: Huffington Post



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