Sunday, January 15, 2012

want to learn about french wine?

I stumbled upon a really cool website for a place in Paris called O Chateau Wine Tasting and Wine Bar.

I wish I had known about it when I was there in April, but it's never too late. I'll catch them next time, but if YOU happen to be visiting Paris you might want to stop in and check them out.

Here's an excerpt from the website along with a video (you might have to watch the video on the Youtube site but at least you can click the link below).

You can jump over to the site to read more and you just might learn a little sumpin sumpin about French wine!!

About O Chateau
You know how all wine companies tell you they’re different.Well.. we’re the same… we’re going to tell you we’re different.  Tons of reason though: different because we are a young company started by young people, different because we don’t see wine as something we should worship (how about drinking it for starters), different because we happily acknowledge that everybody in this company gets drunk regularly (too much?), different because we hire our sommeliers based on their personality just as much as their wine knowledge, different because in the end… teaching foreigners about French wine is really a different job!

You'll also find a lot of other cool stuff on the site
The owner Olivier Magny is an author and
On the writing front, Dessine-moi un Parisien came out a few months ago in France and quickly became a best-seller. “Stuff Parisians Like” is now out in the US, the UK and Australia. The book’s been called “hilariously perceptive” by New York Magazine. On the blogging front, Olivier is also the host of award-winning video blog “Wine Rendez-Vous“.



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