Thursday, January 19, 2012

the "funny" side of parisian relationships

Here's an excerpt from a very funny book: 
Stuff Parisians Like

For visitors, Paris is the City of Love.
For Parisians, it is the City of Relationships. Every Parisian is in a relationship. That relationship is more or less official, more or less successful, but it always is. Consequently, there is simply no singles scene in Paris. If sexual tension is what makes a city fun, Paris has officially become the most boring city in the world.
All young Parisians are in relationships. For them, the main reason to be in a relationship is simply not to be single.
Courting is no longer a Parisian habit. The only way Parisian men like to play it is safe. Parisian women on the other hand, caught in the double obligation to be neither sluts nor single, become undesirable. Absence of flirtation becomes the norm after the age of twenty-six.
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