Thursday, December 1, 2011

au revoir manda djinn

Dec. 10, 1935
New York County
New York, USA
Nov. 26, 2011
Paris, France

Manda Djinn was born in Harlem New York. Her second home is Paris, France since 1984 where she married a Parisian. Manda's life has always been around music. Early on she danced a rainbow of styles, then turned to singing. Singing is her bread and butter and her sugar topping too. Manda is not a spectator and can't sit still through a concert, even her own. So there she is singing and dancing and there she'll stay. That's only the half of it, Manda loves to share her music with others and the audience plays a great role in any performance. She can perform for a small audience as well as an enormous one. The largest audience Manda performed for was at the Folies Bergere (1987-1989) which averaged a thousand people per night six nights a week. 

Here's a video of Manda up close and personal 
Take a look

R.I.P Manda!


Bliss said...

How interesting. I'd never heard of her. Thanks for the "history" lesson. :)


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