Monday, November 21, 2011

we drank the disco bitch

Who says you don't learn anything while you're out drinking with your friends? On Friday I met a group of friends at a local neighborhood wine bar for a little end of the week unwinding.

One of the wines on the menu was called Disco Bitch.  

Hmmm, I thought that was quite a catchy little name for a wine, and I mentioned as much. I Then learned that the wine is named for the French "Discobitch".  A chart topping vocal group in France. As popular there as Lady Ga Ga is here.

So of course I had to look them up!

Here's what I found

Discobitch is a French electro band consisting of 2 DJs, Laurent Konrad & Kylian Mash & a singer, Pauline Sampeur. Their single "C'Est Beau La Bourgeoisie", released in August 2008, has been N°2 in France. 

"C'Est Beau La Bourgeoisie" has been created by Kylian. He made a bootleg with Pauline's "Bitch" & Laurent's instrumental "Discotron". The 2 men, who met on MySpace, produced the song's final version: Discobitch was born.

                                                       and here' s the video for you viewing pleasure

Oh, and it's a very good wine too. You should check it out!



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