Sunday, November 13, 2011

a very expensive pair of Manolos

In totally mind blowing news, a drug smuggling ring was just busted for trafficking cocaine sculpted into Manolo Blahniks.

How exactly does coke become designer kicks? Obviously you mix the drug with liquid which turns it into a paste which can then be molded into a shoe and painted to resemble a pair of Manolos. The traffickers would see that the $70,000 “shoes” were transported from Colombia to Barcelona, where the shoes were broken back down into powder form and distributed to dealers.

After doing this for two years, the gang was finally caught by the Spanish police. Six members of the ring were found with $630,000 at the Barcelona airport. Also, a high-speed car chase was involved. We’re horrified and impressed all at once.

Source: Stylelite


Sir Robyn said...

I'm not a fan of drug dealers or anything, but they are pretty ingenious at times. :)

Urbandoggs said...

Yes those drug dealers are pretty smart. Too bad they don't use it for the good. Such a waste!

Manolos said...

wow, i never heard that. a pair of manolos that were actually molded from drugs. Thats so crazy


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