Sunday, November 27, 2011

paris un-occupied?

Speed cameras, foreign wine, dog turds – if something is deemed offensive to the French, they’ll have it plastered across a cardboard banner and bouncing up and down in the middle of a protest before you know it.
So what about the global financial crisis? The ‘indignados’ of Spain have managed to convince tent-owners across the Western world to carry out the 'occupation' of their respective financial districts. But while Wall Street and the London Stock Exchange have spent the past month (unwillingly) dressed up as Glastonbury, the skyscraper stomping ground of Paris remained entirely free of Decathlon attire until just yesterday. Even then, only about 20 tents turned up, and half of them scampered when they saw the police coming.

So, what’s wrong with the French? After centuries of waking up babies and causing traffic jams with their incessant chanting and marching and general mass-moaning, they now sit back and watch as the rest of the world takes to the streets to protest something really worthwhile?

Source:  France 24 Read the story



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