Sunday, November 6, 2011

paris bad air, bad hair

I've been reading a cool site, called Paris Update. You might want to check it out. They have EVERYTHING you can think of.

Here's a little story I found

Paris Pollution Police
“What’s that in your hair, Nick?” asked a friend during a recent, over-priced macrobiotic meal in the fifth arrondissement. “Dunno. What are you talking about?” “Looks like you’ve got a clump of hair wax stuck in there.”
I wanted to say that I hadn’t worn hair wax since the days of my French crop hairstyle when it became fashionable in London during my mid-20s, but I already had a hunch as to what it was and so made my excuses and sloped off to the toilet, the foreign body still doggedly attached. It wasn’t in fact the first time someone had said something similar over the dinner table, before proceeding to extract a large pellicule from my hair. The truth is that Paris has given me dandruff, and flakes of it the size of which leave me rather breathless.
want to read the rest?


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that altough I should be able to say Unbelieveable! to this, I must say it is completely believable. When I lived in Phoenix, which also shared a layer of brown slug called air, I had terrible dandruff. When I moved to CA and now in WI, I am no longer troubled with that. Is it the water? Maybe. Is it the air? could be!


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