Wednesday, September 7, 2011

put on your parisian dancing shoes

Repost from 4/19/10
As I was researching Paris fashion I came across a beautiful website for Repetto Shoes (click on welcome to Repetto). I don't know if you are familiar with the name, but every woman in Paris certainly is. Repetto is a bit of an institution in Paris and I bet any French woman worth her salt owns at least one pair of these cute ballerina shoes. 

Back in 1947 Rose Repetto created her first ballet shoes as a favor to her son Roland Petit (a famous ballet dancer and choreographer). In 1956 Brigette Bardot commissioned her to manufacture a pair of red ballerinas for her movie "And God Created Women". 
Three years later she opened her first store in Paris, on Rue de la Paix. Today there are three stores but the original store still serves as the headquarters. Since then there has been no looking back.

Along with the quintessential soft soled ballet shoe, Repetto makes ballerina flats with pavement ready soles which are available in every color from royal blue to classic black in leather and suede. The bustling boutique is super busy and always filled with tourists and professional ballerinas picking up their shoes (I've been advised to skip this location for exactly these reasons). The main feature of the boutique are the back shelves lined with silk ballerina shoes in various sizes and styles and the non professional dancer can choose from three glass rounds in the center displaying this season's hottest Repettos!

The range of normal (aside from the ballet shoe of course) includes high heeled sandals and colorful booties. All shoes are produced in the Repetto factory in Dordogne and made from goat, calf and lamb's leather. Prices range from around $200 and are available at Nordstrom. (I have to say in all of my searching I have not found one pair of Repettos at any stores in the San Francisco area - I have ended up ordering online or better yet....going back to Paris to purchase! Such a punishment!)

I bought this pair on my last trip in April
Well, as you can see I really like these shoes and there are way too many to show. You'll have to check them out for yourself.
And if you have time check out the Repetto Store Window.

What are your favorite shoes?



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