Monday, September 5, 2011

beneath it all - french lingerie

In the coming days I will be moving over some articles I wrote for  my "I'm Just Sayin" blog prior to launching this Paris blog.
Today is repost from 4/7/10
Paris is the Undisputed 
Lingerie Capital 
of the World!

The French do it best as they have been thinking up clever improvements for underwear long before any other country thought it even important. Of course no one knows exactly when lingerie first came on the scene but there are records of its existence in ancient Egypt as far back as 3000 BC.  The word lingerie comes from the old French word "linge" meaning linen. The term lingerie was originally introduced into the english language as a euphemism for "scandalous under clothing"
As I mentioned in an earlier postFrench women have a passionate love affair with food and lingerie. Bakeries and lingerie shops compete with each other on every street. The French do not have as many hang ups about food nor that which seems sexy. They enjoy "la belle vie" and just get on with it!

The French lingerie industry is valued at over $3.1 Billion USD.
French consumers spend about $13 Billion Euros annually on lingerie.  French women spend about 20% of their fashion budget on lingerie. Lingerie makes up about 18% of all sales of women's wear. French women age 15-34 are the biggest buyers (most items sold), however women 50-64 buy fewer articles but purchase more expensive items. This group also makes the biggest contribution to the industry. Comfort is a prime consideration. French women are sensitive to tone and textures. They prefer soft (micro fibers),  practical easy care, non allergic fabrics. Bras are the  biggest seller.
France offers a fashion fiesta of lingerie
Some of the tops brands are:
Chantelle - Sold in more than 50 countries. The top brand of French lingerie in the world. Simple in structure yet distinguished by use of lace and Sheer styles. Sense of grace and luxury expressed through embroidery. I personally LOVE this brand!
Aubade (a century old) - Sleek Elegance. Refined Styles. Crafty and Subtle. Seductive.
Aubade along with Chantelle dominate high end undergarments.
Simone Perle - Bold, Classy designs. Fit like a second skin
Princess Tam Tam - Purity and Fun Bold colors and classic designs
Huit - Girlish, Contemporary, "Kicky" Trendy Youth inspired (Figleaves) Love this brand as well!

The Lingerie Philosophy of a French Woman
"Women enjoy feeling pretty, undergarments are underneath and close to their skin, it reminds them that they are feminine, sensual, that they have an untold beauty within.  When you see someone, no matter their age or size, if they are dressed with style they look good, attractive, and their style is pleasing to the eye. You do not have to be a skinny beauty queen to wear nice undergarments. Pretty is pretty, and plain is plain, no matter what size the hips”



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