Wednesday, August 3, 2011

paris mcdonald's introduces: the mcbaguette

France is world famous for its haute cuisine and super-fresh and crunchy daily bread, the baguette. A lesser known feeding feature is that the country also happens to be the world's No. 2 consumer of McDonald's.

Alors! Prepare yourselves for a small revolution in the world of both fresh bread and fast food, with the introduction of the baguette on the McDonald's menu in France.


Sir Robyn said...

While the French McDonald's fare looks a lot more appealing than everything else they serve, I think I'd prefer to go for a real baguette. :) For a lark, I looked up some numbers that put France in about 16th place per/capita for McD's consumption... all American tourists, I think.

Urbandoggs said...

the french will catch up soon enough and then all the skinny French women will got fat just like us Americans. It's all a big conspiracy LOL


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