Thursday, August 18, 2011

french actor urinates on flight to dublin

Ok folks, how about this story.

Gerard Depardieu who is a French actor, is obviously very fond of drinking and as it turns out he sometimes drinks a lit-tle bit too much.

Recently Mr. Depardieu was aboard a City Jet flight from Paris to Dublin. As the story goes, he had been drinking before boarding the plane and appeared to be drunk. As often happens when one has had too much to drink, one must relieve one’s self. Well, as it turns out, the plane had not reached cruising altitude and so Mr. Depardieu was told by the flight attendant that he could not use the restroom until after take off.

This did not sit well with Mr. Depardieu, who according to an eyewitness
“There and then he did it on the floor..." the witness said. "No one said anything. It all happened with courtesy."

After Depardieu relieved himself, the plane returned to its gate, where a grounds crew reportedly spent two hours cleaning up the mess.

Mr. Depardieu has a history of drunken behavior, in 2009 he beat up his car with his bare hands and in 1990 he was arrested for drunk driving. 

Mr. Depardieu has now been dubbed "the public urinator".

Oh those wacky Frenchmen!



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