Tuesday, July 19, 2011

paris destination weddings - rendez-vous in paris - part two

Weddings! They are special and beautiful. Most brides are looking for something unique and special to mark the big day. Well,  what about choosing a location like Paris for your venue?

Today, Part Two of my interview with Heather, Owner Wedding and Event Planner of Rendez-vous in Paris
Q- What has been your most "over-the-top" / or memorable event, where and why?

Over-the-top :
- Helicopters are the mode of transportation loved by the Elite - We often have to plan for several to bring guests and the couple from Paris to the Chateau gardens.

- We once had a very well-known caterer who wanted to double the size of the Croquembouche wedding cake, as a gift to the lucky couple... But they made it so tall that it didn't fit in the door of the Mansion! We ended up having to serve it in the courtyard ;)

- We know about Flash Mobs - we once had a wedding "Flash Take-Over" a hotel from abroad for one-night-only - Most of the guests were on Professional Sports Teams, and as the wedding was mid-season for the players, they couldn't stay in Paris too long. 200 guests came in from around the world Saturday morning, had a gorgeous wedding, and left after check-out on Sunday at noon!

- 3-day Birthday Bash (30 friends flew in from Australia to celebrate the Big One!)

Night 1 : Cocktail Party on a Yacht down the Seine at sunset
Night 2 : Surprise Private Tour of a crazy wax museum, champagne cocktail and surprise dinner in the museum foyer! (complete with magicians, and carnival acts...)
Night 3 : Elegant dinner in one of Paris's 5 Palaces, with cocktails at sunset on a terrace overlooking the city

Memorable :
Memorable is in the details, or in the cumulation of the details.
We had a wedding where the theme was dance, so we brought in dancers from around the world  : Indian Abhinay dancers, Salsa dancers, and MTV hip-hop dancers to entertain the guests! (I wish I could show you the video!!)

The most moving ceremony I've ever seen was one Hindu wedding ceremony. The traditional elements (the 7 steps, the lighting of the fire, etc.) were explained in English by the Best Man so that everyone could understand, and he gave his personal touches to the explanations (I remember he translated one of the Promises as : I (the Groom) Promise to make sure your material needs are met, provide you with food, a roof, and lots and lots of dresses! ;))
Besides some lightheartedness, the powerful meaning behind each part of the traditional ceremony made the Groom's (and everyone else's) eyes well constantly.

Q- Where is the most beautiful place to have a wedding in France?  What champagne & cake would you recommend?

Gorgeous chateaux... pristine historic townhouses... Rooftop terraces over looking the city... How can one choose??

Croquembouche - the pyramid of caramelized cream puffs is the most French-y wedding cake there is!

Champagne... Dom, Roederer, Veuve...depends on the millésime!
Though I have one secret address of a tiny private vineyard that produces a champagne that even my most discerning clients love - and it's completely unknown and really cost effective!

See ya tomorrow for the conclusion -  Rendez-vous in Paris - a destination wedding - just how legal is it?



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