Monday, July 4, 2011

outstanding in the field - coming soon to france

My brother told me about this amazing event he just attended. It was the latest Outstanding in the Field dinner in Santa Cruz, CA which was held on June 18th.

He sent me the video and I was hooked.

Outstanding in the Field, which has its roots in California, now hosts events across the U.S and has expanded to include locations in Canada and Europe.

They are slated to launch their first event in F r a n c e this coming September, however at this time I do not see the date posted on their calendar. I sent an email to them this morning to inquire. As soon as I receive a response, I will post it here. In the meantime, if you live in an area where events are happening, and you are thinking of attending, be sure to make your reservation early as they often sell out within an hour of posting.

Two videos are posted below.. The first is a CBS News video from 2008 which explains the vision behind the events. The second is the latest event which my brother attended. A link to the website follows.

Here is a link to the calendar of events. You can find the closest event to your home or possibly venture off to a place you always wanted to visit. I plan to attend an event soon. From what I understand it's an extraordinary experience. Please go to the website and look around, I think you will be impressed.

Outstanding in the Field Mission Statement
Our mission is to re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it. Outstanding in the Field is a roving culinary adventure – literally a restaurant without walls. Since 1999 we have set the long table at farms or gardens, on mountain tops or in sea caves, on islands or at ranches. Occasionally the table is set indoors: a beautiful refurbished barn, a cool greenhouse or a stately museum. Wherever the location, the consistent theme of each dinner is to honor the people whose good work brings nourishment to the table.
Ingredients for the meal are almost all local (sometimes sourced within inches of your seat at the table!) and generally prepared by a celebrated chef of the region. After a tour of the site, we all settle in: farmers, producers, culinary artisans, and diners sharing the long table.

CBS News 2008

June 18, 2011 Santa Cruz, CA
Outstanding in the Field Beach Dinner from Outstanding in the Field on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

There are 2 dinners in is sold out but the other is available. However, I can't manage the cost right now, so maybe next year...or else somewhere other than Wisconsin! And of course, it would be more fun with a companion to savor it all too. You never know!

Urbandoggs said...

That's great Toni. Maybe we can keep this in mind and hook up next summer and go together, if I get a chance to come out your way.

I think you have to look at the price much like you are attending a concert or something. It's certainly less than I paid for that dinner I had on The Champs Elysees. LOL Thanks for the comment


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