Sunday, July 24, 2011

house hunters goes to france UPDATE - full episode and interview with the star

Gabrielle Blair and her family were the featured stars of a recent episode of House Hunters International Goes to Normandy. Gabrielle's blog, Design Mom was named Top Website of the Year by Time Magazine, August 2010. I caught up with Gabrielle and she had time to answer a few quick questions.

Me - Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. I've read your blog, Design Mom so I know you are a super busy mother of six.

I watch House Hunters International all the time and really love all the shows, especially the ones which feature France. I post a full episode every Sunday here on my blog. 

 Me - How long have you lived in France and why did you decide to move there?

Gabrielle - We moved here in February so we could have an international experience as a family.

Me -  How were you selected to do that episode? What was the best part about shooting that episode?

Gabrielle - House Hunters International contacted us several weeks after we moved here because they read about our move on my blog. I'd never seen an episode, but we discussed as a family and thought it sounded like fun, so we said yes.

Me - I read that the show is not shown in France. How did you find out when it aired?

Gabrielle - House Hunters International emailed me and told me when the show would air.

Me -  How are you and the family enjoying your new house and life in Normandy? What is the biggest difference you have found between living in Normandy and your former home in the US?

Gabrielle - We are loving it here! It's such a beautiful place to live. The biggest difference is definitely the language. : )

Me - In my research about moving to France I learned that it can be quite complicated to work there. Many people have to be creative in terms of making a living there. Are you working? If so do you have any advice for other women moving from the US to France about finding employment?

Gabrielle - Both my husband and I continue with the same employment we had while living in the America, so I don't know much about the job situation here. If you have a flexible work situation where your employer allows you to work from home, or you work for yourself, you may be able to do the same work in another country. If you're interested, it's certainly work checking into.
Thank You Gabrielle!!
The Blairs want a drill in all things French and experience is the best teacher. But Franco-mania can produce life's sweetest pleasures and its worst misfortunes. Is the Blair's dream home hiding in the back roads of Europe's dairy land? Find out when House Hunters moves to Normandy, France with the help of professional real estate consultant Adrian Leeds.
watch the full episode in 4 parts
part 1/4
part 2/4

part 3/4
part 4/4



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