Sunday, June 5, 2011

property available in le palace des vosages

As we know, living in Paris can be very expensive. Have you ever considered fractional ownership?

What is the difference between fractional ownership and a timeshare?
While the hassle-free ownership, full management and shared usage benefits of fractional ownership may sound similar to timeshares, there is a fundamental difference. Fractional owners actually own a proportional share of the title of the property. Timeshare owners simply own days or weeks of usage time. If the property appreciates in value, the fractional shareholders share in that appreciation. With a timeshare, this investment aspect does not exist.
This important difference is also what distinguishes fractional ownership properties from the recent wave of destination clubs. Destination club members purchase a fixed amount of time to use the club's properties. Like a timeshare, they do not hold any ownership right in the real property, and thus do not enjoy the capital appreciation of those properties. 
Anyway, here is a beautiful property in Le Marais. I have walked by this building, (Le Palace des Vosages located in the Place des Vosages) many times and peeked in at the courtyard while meandering through the Marais (one of my favorite sections of Paris - my favorite Repetto shoe store is there). The Place des Vosages is the oldest planned square in Paris.

This property is handled by Adrian Leeds Group, owner of The French Property Insider (I got this referral from my New Zealand ex pat friend who owns about 10 properties in Paris).

I'm planning to post more interesting (subjective of course) available properties here on the blog. Even if you never buy one, it certainly is fun to look...and dream!
Take a video tour of the property and Happy Sunday folks!

Would you like to see more available properties?


Anonymous said...

Please show more Devon. This is wonderful and helpful even if I never get to paris

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see more available properties!! Devon, is there a "minimum" fraction to own?? Since property ownership in the Bay area doesn't make sense for us, this might be a better option...AND a built-in reason to visit Paris frequently!!


Anonymous said...

How much is 1/13th?? OMG, just hearing her shoes click/clack on the street makes me want to go back!!

~Maurine (again!)

Urbandoggs said...

Yes I hear ya. We are also considering. There are different properties with different numbers of shares available. I will post more info re this posts coming up. Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Love this place. Need more information though. Hope you are going to tell us more? Oh, love your new blog too.

devon said...

Marine - I know, I just watched it again and I noticed the shoes clicking too. Then she dashed off to wander in the square. Sigh! I also read that real estate values are up over there. Guess they haven't suffered the same down turn....yet??? We need to understand what that means.

Toni said...

Beautiful, but one comment-- couldn't they have painted that door from the courtyard onto the Place des Vosages? Picky, I KNOW, but it looks so scruffy!

Urbandoggs said...

Toni - I think they have a thing for old "antique" doors. I thought the same thing about our scruffy door on the apt we had. It's a French thing LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey! Your candid shots captured the essense of being French. I can't wait to continue to read your blog since our passions seemed to have paralleled. you definetly have the bug.. Keep it coming!!

Carri M.


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