Tuesday, May 24, 2011

midnight in paris

and how did I miss this one? Don't know, but I've found it now thanks to Sir Robyn (A Canadian in Paris)

I'm so tickled, gotta go right out and see it. It starts here on Friday May 27th, just in time for the holiday.

Midnight in Paris is a romantic comedy by Woody Allen. The reviews have been  good and the trailer is pretty cute.  I'll see it despite my disdain for Woody Allen (the man)


Anonymous said...

I agree-- I don't much like Woody Allen (although I must also say that I don't know him personally, but as a media person) but I enjoy his movies. They are the product of a strange and disappearing NY metropolitan outlook, which, having grown up in that world, I kind of understand. He pays homage to his subjects...so hopefully he will treat Paris like he does NYC and it will be like a love letter to the city. That I would enjoy.

Urbandoggs said...

Yes, I understand. My problem with Woody is regarding his actions when he was married to Mia Farrow


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