Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Maid in America

As I begin this new Paris blog, it's interesting that France just happens to be in the news today. Since it is a very hot topic here and in France, I thought I'd add my two cents. After all, if you're going to live in France, you're going to need to (half way) understand their politics.

OK so here's the story. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested aboard an Air France flight heading for Paris on Saturday. The flight was only minutes from take off.

Mr Strauss-Kahn, the 62 year old IMF Chief and Socialist Party leader (who btw was a potential candidate to become the next president of France), was on his way to a big meeting to discuss the Greek bailout. He never made it to the meeting as he was detained by Port Authority cops after a sexual encounter he had with a housekeeper @ The Sofitel Hotel in NY. 

Allegedly, the housekeeper, an immigrant from (French?) Africa was accosted and raped by Mr Staruss-Kahn after she entered his $3,000/night room. The housekeeper accused him of taking off his clothes (don't try to picture this at home folks) and the rest is a bit of "he said she said". We'll have to wait until all the evidence is in before we know what really happened.

After his arrest, Mr Strass-Kahn was sent to Riker's Island (which the French describe as a stinky, over crowded prison with terrible food) Presently he is under suicide watch.
This incident has angered the French (short for "got their panties in a bunch") for a number of reasons. First you should know that America is the country the French love to hate. We are responsible for introducing the Golden Arches, Starbucks, and Disney to France (oh boy). There are also far too many American buying up prime real estate in Paris and the countryside. English is slowly eeking its way into the vernacular of a country that is very proud to speak only french and doesn't give a hoot whether foreign visitor's can understand them or not! The French have boldly criticized our involvement in Iraq & Afghanistan and let's not forget that they view sexual indiscretions as "just a part of life"  and think that we Americans, are way too up tight.

What do you think? 

We'll look deeper into French politics in later posts


Anonymous said...

Yes it's true that "Franglais" has been a threat to the French for a long time, and they have an organization of about 50 people (can't remember the name of it) who work continuously on protecting the French language from the invasion of any kind of popular english words hanging around their country too long! For example, in Spanish the word for computer is "la computadora", which is very english-sounding. In French it's "l'ordinateur" (I think), which sounds nothing like english.

I don't know why they son't make an effort to speak English in Paris. If you go to tourist areas in other parts of Europe, you'll find most of them make efforts to speak English. But people of many nationalities visit Paris, so I guess, for the average waiter, it's too much to ask!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look good for Mr. Strauss-Kahn, and that's fine with me. It's one thing to have a mistress, but quite another thing to force yourself on women sexually, and think you can arrogantly get away with it, just because you're YOU!! He's disgusting.

Urbandoggs said...

Looks like today DSK, has stepped down from his post at the IMF, been indicted on charges and posted bail. He is awaiting release to an apt in Manhattan where he will be under house arrest. Several other women have now come out with accusations against him as well. A former Manhattan madame has claimed that she supplied him with prostitutes on 2 occasions and was told by one of them that he had acted aggressively and refused to return.


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