Thursday, May 26, 2011

fete des meres

Sunday, May 29 is Mother's Day in France and the francophone world (celebrated on the last Sunday in May).  This includes the former French colonies of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Haiti, Madagascar, Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Monaco.

Mother's Day dates back as far as ancient Greece but was introduced to France by Napoleon and was made official in 1950.

A typical Mother's Day in France starts with a cake usually topped with flowers or made in the shape of a bouquet of flowers.

                  It's a special day just for her 

The children give her poems or crafts that they have made 

The family will make her a special breakfast  

or take her to a nice Mother's Day brunch


and fashion are welcome gifts

special time together 
pleasant conversation
and everything in France includes a glass of wine!

 The day ends with a family dinner or going out to a restaurant

Looks like Mother's Day in France is a lot like ours!



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